​​​​Full Design Services

Utilizing state of the art design software and my 21 years of experience in the field, I have the capacity to take your ideas and thoughts and create not only a full set of detailed construction drawings, but also a fully 3 dimensional version of your home, complete with fully detailed cabinetry, lighting and finishes.  The advancement of technology has made the design process so much more comfortable than times past, over email and even simple text we can tinker and tailor together with our design on Chief Architect, even if we are hundred's of miles apart.

We offer full general contracting services for the completely custom home building experience.  I will take you from your un-cleared lot and idea book to the completed home,  managing all aspects from start to finish.  My methods are very clear and concise, making the process fluid and positive.  my team of Craftsmen, Mechanical Contractors, Earth work specialists, Suppliers and Subcontractors have been carefully selected over these many years and are the best the area has to offer.  

Our custom shop is a major attribute that sets us apart.  We have 1500 square feet of precision instruments and creativity that allow us the ability to create whatever your mind can imagine.  It is here that we create our custom castle entry doors, our completely original interior doors and our array of cabinetry and furniture.  We work with reclaimed lumber, Steam, Logs, Metal and a myriad of different textures and finishes to create Legacy pieces for your home. To date we have crafted over 50 complete kitchens and too many pieces of furniture to count  

Full General Contracting

   Custom Shop