We are a diverse group of men ranging from woodsmen to surfers to farmers to Marines to snowmobilers to snowboarders to skiers.  Each man brings tremendous integrity and craft to the experience, and are vital components to our success.  I could not create these fine homes with out these fine men, I am not your builder, we are.

My oldest son Draegan has immersed himself in our business and is learning all aspects of the work,  both in the field and in the office.  He is quick to learn and sharp as a tack, and has what we nowadays call an old fashioned work ethic, meaning he's not afraid to work hard for a full 9 hour day, regardless if he is in the field framing with Ethan or crafting with me in the shop. 

Todd brown joined us 11 years ago and has become an indispensible asset.  Todd has evolved into second only to me in the shop and He and Mark have built incredible custom Creations for all of our homes now for many years.  Todd is as solid as they come and a joy to be around.  Also, todd is a Marine.

Dustan Rollins is the strong and silent type.  Dustan is an up and coming true finish carpenter.  He is always early, works hard all day long, and never ever complains.  Dustan is a marvelous father and husband, and I am proud to call him my brother in law.

Ethan Brunton has been one of my closest friends for 35 years, and 

has been building with me for 18 years.  Together he and I have built many, many homes.  In fact for many years, Ethan and I alone were building two to three ​3000 square foot homes a year. Ethan is now my Foreman and runs our crews with a precision and professionalism he acquired over his many years of experience in the our trade. 

New to the team but already proving indispensable is Journey man carpenter David Richards.  His sharp mind is learning our methods and craft and he is proving to be an excellent fit to our little family and is proving to be a rapidly developing asset.

Mark Mclaughlin joined us 6 years ago and is Todd's right hand man in the shop.  He has the ability to provide over watch for all of us and continually  keeps us safe, He has earned the affectionate title of "mother", and hovers over us    relentlessly.  Mark is marvelous.