sebastian tooker construction, inc.

Tor Tooker

joined the team full time the winter of 2018, after spending a semester Hiking, Sailing, Kayaking and sleeping in the mexican desert and mountains for 80+ days with NOLS. he is a vital asset both in the shop and in the field.  Tor is incredibly fit and is fearless up high, in the cold etc.  Tor is quickly picking up the trade and is a joy to work with.  Tor is an adventurer and a bit of a wildman. his energy and dedication is kind of nuts, he'll whip out a 2 mile run early before a full 9 hour work day and then at day's end hit the weights to stay hyper fit.  He's an inspiration.  Again, super proud pop.

Draegan tooker

Joined the team full time in 2016 after working part time with us as his schedule allowed since he was a very young man.  Drae has become an amazing asset to STC  His smooth and steady attitude and brilliant mind makes whatever team he's on perform at it's optimum level.  STC leadership secretly fights to have him on our individual teams, luckily I'm the boss so I get him most days.  Drae is excelling in all aspects of the trade including the custom shop with myself.  I couldn't be prouder of my oldest Son nor more grateful for our time together creating.

my name is sebastian tooker,

Mark Mclaughlin

joined us over 10 years ago now and is an indispensible part of all of our work.  Not only is Mark skilled in all aspects of our trade but He also provides overwatch for all of us and continually  keeps us safe.  He has earned the affectionate title of "mother", and hovers over us relentlessly.  Side note, we will eventually publish our book on "Markisms", classic colloquialisms that Mark has taught us over the years such as "Tougher than a Burnt Worm" or "Hotter than a June Bride" etc.  Mark is an excellent Man.

We are a diverse group of Mainers ranging from Mountain Bikers to farmers to snowmobilers to Skiers.  Each man brings tremendous integrity and craft to the experience, and are vital components to our success.  I could not create these fine homes with out these fine men, I am not your builder, we are.

Dustan Rollins

is the strong and silent type.  Dustan is the epitome of good hard Old School Work Ethic, and is a vital component to all that we do, whether he is running a team siding, roofing or inside the house applying final trim and finish.  He is always early, works hard all day long, and never ever complains.  Dustan is a marvelous father and husband, and I am proud to call him my brother in law.


Dog of Tor, and the newest member of our team.  Uhtz is a brilliant and mischievous Belgium Shepherd Pup and Tor's constant  sidekick.  we love him lots!

 I am the owner and President of Sebastian Tooker Construction, inc.  I have been intensely involved in  the home building trade for almost 31 years to date.  

following is a brief history...

i was forced into slave labor by my darling pirate father when I was 14 years old during summer vacations and extended school vacations.  My father taught me much of the foundation of the trade.  I worked for my father every free moment until I went to College at USM at the age of 18, where I studied fine art for 4 years.  Over the course of my freshman year my father developed a form of carpal tunnel and left the trades for a while, so I went to work on summers and time off with several of the best builders and craftsman available in these mountains.  I came home from USM and went to work full time building for a year or so, then  At the age of 22, My wife Mary and I founded our company and the rest is history.   

I am a blissfully married husband to my beloved Mary and as proud a father as a man can be of my 4 incredible sons, Draegan, Tiernan, Tor and Cade.  These 5 are the source

of my passion, drive and Success.